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Shoutout time!

Hey guys!

Now a few weeks past the release of our newest album “147”, I would like to take this opportunity to thank some people.

First of all, let’s start with my biggest inspiration for this album: Naomi. Naomi is a huge Vocaloid fan and has been a supporter of me and my music all this time. She always helps me with loads and loads of feedback. After she told me about her illness, I felt I should do something for her and this is what I did. It all started with the song “Goranyo” but quickly got out of hand and turned into an entire new album. Thanks for that!

Someone who deserves a huge thank you as well is Demo from VocaloiDemo, who has helped me greatly with his feedback on our previous album, “500001”. Thanks to his in-depth review (and some chats about what exactly he meant by his statements), we have been able to make this album the best thing we’ve created so far. Thanks!

Some other people who should be thanked:

  • The teachers and students of the HKU Music&Technology faculty for providing me with great insight on how to improve my way of making music, as well as giving some essential tips that helped me in making this album as good as it turned out.
  • The teachers and students of the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede for providing me with first-hand experience and studio mixing tips and tricks.
  • All the musicians with whom I recorded or played together during the creation of this album:
    • Daniël van Wijck (saxophone) for his patience and time on a 34° C (!) day in May to record some sax solos, which didn’t even make it onto the album (got future plans for them, don’t worry)
    • GerryVanCampen (vocals) for working with me on a few great side projects that taught me some great lessons in vocal producing and mixing
    • Kristian (drums), Teun (guitar) and Vinje (bass) for being the awesome band that they are (together with the other ones on this list though)
    • Stephan “Basslord” Krol (bass, trumpet) for giving me some insight into the electronic music scene
    • and all the other awesome musicians I might not be thinking of right now…
  • My family, friends and girlfriend Lisanne for keeping the good spirit about this project. No but seriously guys… What’s with all the positive stuff?
  • Raymond for listening to my songs over and over again and providing me insight in what I should do to improve my tracks and production techniques.

And of course… A huge, great and infinite thank you to my beloved TeamLayetri:

  • IciaChan (illustrator) who made this great cover image for the album. It’s beautifullllllll <3
  • thepascalboy (dev guru) who has constantly been working on our shiny new and beautiful website
  • Cyren (animator) for doing stuff I guess.. No, jk – everyone has their part in creating albums and Cyren’s turn is somewhere in the near future when we start working on actual MVs. Stay tuned for that!
  • Youya (model) for all the positive vibes in our TeamLayetri group chat
  • Cory and Takahiro (lyricists) for their great lyrics to all of the 11 songs that are on the album. You might be underestimating what lyrics mean to a song, but the impact these guys’ lyrics have on the album is ginormous


Making this thing was a blast, now it’s time for a break c:

As always…


Grtz, LayetriP

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