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Road to a New Album (Part 6)

Hey guys!

It’s time for part six in the RTANA series but… There isn’t any news from the team! We are all just working hard (I suppose) and nothing really happened this week, except for Xai’s birthday yesterday – please go congratulate her and stuff :D.

Just like last time, I want to let you guys know that I opened commissions/collabs/whatever. Please ask me to do something because I won’t have anything to do next month, when the songs for the album are done and everything has been sent to the network company thingy. Please ask stuff! I also do art/illustrations etc, so you can ask my help for that as well.

This was the shortest article in the series so far :D. Hope you still liked it.Check out previous articles and stay tuned for the next one. By the end of this week, the album will probably be completely finished and I might even upload/share some demo stuff so be sure to check that out!

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