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Road to a New Album (part 3)

Yay! More blog posts!

Before you start wondering why this post is so early on the day (at least for me it is): it’s because I’m celebrating my birthday in the afternoon yay ~ That means I won’t be able to write something tonight and I still wanna keep a weekly schedule, so this one is a bit earlier than usual.

Anyways, hi guys! It’s been a week since my last post and, to be honest, not much happened. Okay, there are some fun things and stuff, but it was not really a special week in the history of teamLayetri. That’s actually a good thing. If there are funny things going on like a week before the initial deadline, there could be a major problem. Luckily, everything is fine. So, let’s start with this week’s “news flash”.

First of all: recording sessions. Yesterday I had a fun time with guitarist Barry, recording stuff for the song “歌” which will be on the album 500001. This guy is amazing! I’m sure there will be more Layetri songs featuring this great musical talent. We also did some soloing for other songs and projects I’m still working on, which you’ll hear somewhere this or next year. Hint: we got a Miku Birthday project going on.

In the meantime, our new illustrator Xai Rixe has been doing some great work. She’s been creating avatars for the entire team, and they are looking beautiful! One of them is actually my avatar right now, the rest of them will be somewhere on the new website or other social media.

Speaking of which, our guru pascalboy is doing stuff as well. He is the new webmaster of the Layetri website and will be upgrading it to a beautiful and responsive new design. I’ve seen some sketches and it looks absolutely amazing. So you should be looking forward to that as well.

Last but not least, there probably will be some collabs with friends of mine. One is an utaite, some of them are DJs and doing cool stuff with FL Studio so yeah, there will definitely be some cool stuff coming out next year. I’m also collecting musicians from all over my town to support the songs with some great soloing and other stuff they are good at. You’ll see.

So, that kinda wraps it up for this week. I know this isn’t much news, but the last weeks are always the time when everybody is like working hard and not doing funny stuff. The group chat almost feels like an office these days lol :D. Anyways, thanks for following this little series I’m doing. Next post will be out next sunday, so make sure to stay tuned.

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