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Road to a New Album (part 1)

Hey guys! First: let me introduce myself. I’m LayetriP, 16 years old and a trying-to-be Vocaloid producer. I live in the Netherlands, which some of you might know as the lowest country in the world. To me it’s more known as the country with the biggest lack of Vocaloid fanbase, and I wanted to change […]

Answer to My Feelings

Hey! My first song is out! Featuring Hatsune Miku on vocals, lyrics by Takahiro178 and artwork by various artists, it’s become a great release. It’s available on iTunes for €0,99 but you can also listen on SoundCloud and it’s coming to Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music and Deezer. And meanwhile, I’m already working on a […]

New album!

New album is coming on February 19! It will feature Hatsune Miku, singing lyrics by Takahiro178. There’ll also be a lot of artworks surrounding the release. On the album will be the song “Answer to My Feelings”, as well as some other songs. Stay tuned for more!