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Big News!

Hey guys!

Today, after months of hard work, we announce to you that Layetri’s new album is actually a thing! In this blog post, you’ll find all the details and other fun stuff.

Let’s start with some general information on the album. Our new little piece of art is called “147” and will be released on July 14, 2017. It features 11(!) new or remastered/remade Layetri songs, including our new self-proclaimed all-time masterpieces “Goranyo” and “Last Song”. A full list of songs that are on the album is only a few scrollwheel moves away.

Other stuff you’ll need to know: This album won’t be fully available to listen to for free. By that I mean that most songs won’t be available on SoundCloud, but the entire thing will be released to Spotify. The list of platforms also includes iTunes, Google Play and Groove Music. Pre-orders will start soon as well, so stay tuned for that!

Now follows a full song list. And yes, this time it’s final!

  1. ご覧よ (Goranyo)
  2. Slap to Bits
  3. I’m So In Love Right Now
  4. Even in a Cloudy Sky
  5. 夏の想像
  6. Kisses&Benches
  7. Our Way Out
  8. Answer to My Feelings [2017 remake]
  9. This is nog Goodbye
  10. Good Girl’s Wish [2017 version]
  11. Last Song (Graduation is Coming)

These songs are all finished and ready for distribution. No need to worry about songs being removed from the list somewhere along the way, this is it!

We really did our best this time to finish the album in time, as well as keeping our mouth shut before release ^^ We worked hard, poured our heart and soul into every single song. Even the remakes and new versions got all the attention they deserve. I myself have spent about 5 hours writing and arranging the new orchestral part in Good Girl’s Wish (yes, that’s a spoiler for ya). We have done everything we can to make this album the greatest thing we ever did, and I think that we reached our goal. Like heck, we have greatly surpassed it in any possible way!

Concluding: our greatest accomplishment yet will be released at July 14, 2017. It shall be named “147” and we’re sure you will love it! We did our best, now you can hype and be all happy about what we made. And, as always…


grtz, LayetriP

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